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Spruce Capital Feeds is your complete Feed, Supplement and Vitamin store.

Your animals will be happy to know we carry the full line of Otter Co-op Lifeline Feeds, supplements and vitamins as well as the Proform Step Feeds. Pureform, Vita Stress, Hoffmans and Equi-Tek products can also be found here.

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See Spruce Capital Feeds for your Feed and Suppliments

See Spruce Capital Feeds for your Feed and Suppliments See Spruce Capital Feeds for your Feed and Suppliments  Redmond Rock

We have a wide selection of Otter Co-op feeds for all your farm animals’ needs. Otter Co-op’s LifeLine Premium Horse Feeds are made to address the specific nutritional needs of horses in British Columbia at any stage of development. 

Our store has a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies. Some of the brands we carry are Pureform, Hoffmans, Basic, Equitec, and Vita Stress.

 We have a selection of salt and mineral blocks for your animals. We carry the Cobalt, Trace Mineral, Trace Mineral with Selenium, Sulfur and Ultra 120 blocks, as well as Cobalt and Trace Mineral Licks. We also have Redmond Rocks, Equi-blocks, Stablyx tubs, and Equest tubs. 
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See Spruce Capital Feeds for your Feed and Suppliments

We now carry Proform Step Feeds for Horses! The step horse feeds are a full line up of feeds that will take you through the life span of your horse from foal to maturity. The step feeds are numbered and are based on the specific needs of each horses age and activity level. The nutrients and supplements are appropriately adjusted in each product for the particular requirements of your animal.

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As you can see Spruce Capital Feeds carries one of the largest Animal Feed, Supplement, Vitamin and Tack lines in the north. If you would like to order any of our quality products please call us at 250-564-6010 or email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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